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A great way to pratice music, meet other musicians and generally have a good time is a jam session.

Harmon's Peak's mission
is to bring you American and Celtic folk music. Our band members live in Redwood City, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Saratoga. They sing, and play a wide variety of instruments including fiddle, banjo, steel string and classical guitar, mandolin, hammer and mountain dulcimer, harmonica, drums, melodian, tin whistle. and lute. We play music from early America and from the Celtic tradition.



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Public Performances:


Sun, Dec 7; 9:00am-1:00pm - Menlo Park Farmer's Market with Karl and Sarah (with Bassist Barbara Rosner)

7 Different Ensembles Available

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inquiries to:

650 856 6445

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can supply music for festivals, events, weddings, dances, for schools, seasonal gatherings, concerts, parties or whatever your imagination requires (well, we don't hula dance).

1. Mister Barky
Mister Barky has been amusing and perplexing Bay Area audiences in one form or another for over 25 years with an eclectic combination of old time, swing, music hall, Irish, and other musical offerings.  

Mister Barky staying warm.

Karl Franzen: authentic suffering artist and guitar wunderkind, mysteriously un-aged since 1987

Ernest Kinsolving: full-time wage slave moonlighting as a fiddler and comedic vocalist since 1983

Barbara Rosner: expanding the Barky sound with bass fiddle and vocal harmonies since 2013

Howl along with Mister Barky!

We present songs and tunes of various traditions (possibly even costumed): American Folk, Pirate & Sea Chanties, Cowboy Songs, Irish Pub Music, "Renn" Music, Seasonal Music, 60's parties—try us, we might just have a show. Instrumentals and vocal harmonies dot the landscape. We can play for country dances too.

2. Peak Nouveau
This Contra Dance Band plays old time, Irish and French music and consists of Paul Clarke on banjo, Sarah Kirton on fiddle, Peter Tommerup on dulcimers, and Karl Franzen on guitar and etc. Sometimes Barbara Rosner joins us on stand-up bass.To hold a dance, one also needs a dance caller who will teach the dances. We can acquire one for you if you wish.

"We had an absolute blast. Thank you for providing the wonderful music to accompany our fun! ...We will definitely keep you in loop on our next barn dance extravaganza."

PROMO PHOTOS -- Click for hi-res files.

3. Stephen Scott Gill and Karl Franzen
Stage actor and teacher Stephen Scott Gill plays several shows with Karl Franzen as accompanist. They perform "A Movable Feast: Americans in Paris", "American Dreamer: Songs of Stephen Foster", "Isle of Hope: The Story of the Irish at Ellis Island", and "Champion of Lost Causes: The Story of Don Quixote".

4. Rosin the Beau
The famed trio of Alan Keith, Ernest Kinsolving and Karl Franzen have opened up the St. Patrick's Day party at St. Stephen's Green in Mountain View for the past six years. Alan brings out his war pipes, we grab our Bodhran, and fearful noise erupts! Then we put out four solid hours of Irsh pub songs and tunes, interrupted only by the deamon cries of more pipe and drum, every hour on the hour! See us on St. Patrick's Day 2012 at St. Stephen's Green in Mountain View. Yes, we will also play for parties, festivals, ets. (but y'gotta ask.) See some videos:

5. Solo Classical Guitar
Karl has studied the harp music of the famed Irish composer Turlough O'Carolan and arranged 60 pieces for classical guitar. This music features prominently in Karl's solo presentations, which can also include traditional songs. This is a peaceful, elegant music whose purpose is to lift the soul and pay homage to the lord and lady of the castle.

6. Slainte of San Francisco Bay
Peter Tommerup plays hammered and mountain dulcimer and is sometimes accompanied by Gary, Lee Anne, or Karl. They play elegant French, Celtic and other Euro and American folk tunes.

A Review of Slainte of SFB:

"The music was really wonderful last night. Thanks again for helping to make my mom's birthday so special and memorable. You guys were great.
Cheers, Janice"

7. Lady Doris and Celtic Rose
Singer and lutenist Doris Williams is accompanied by mandolinist Mike Bell and accompanist Karl Franzen. Lots of Scottish, Irish, English and American songs.


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