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How We Promote An Acoustic Music Act in the Bay Area

Diversify. Every little thing you do to raise awareness of your performances will 'bring in a few more'.

  • friends, and friends of friends
  • family, and friends of family, etc...
  • co-workers
  • posters and flyers. Places in Palo Alto: Prolific Oven, California Ave. kiosks, Palo Alto Cafe, Whole Foods, Mollie Stone's, etc.
  • internet calendar sites
  • newspaper event calendars
  • radio announcements
  • e-mail lists
  • post cards
  • radio performances (KKUP)
  • t.v. performances (local cable)
  • band website
  • someone that you pay to do everything for you

Write a "press release" that contains this information:

name of band: Your Band
title of the event: Muffin Pro Musica / Performance Art and Free Speech
date and time: Your Time Spot
venue name: Harmony Bakery
street address: 299 California Ave.
city: Palo Alto 94306
telephone number readers can call for info: Your Number
telephone number for media: If Different
admission cost: Free
brief description: Desribe Your Performance Art Piece
venue website:
band website: Your Band Site
quote(optional): Get a reviewer or famous person to say something nice about you.
photo: Attach a graphic file to the email. try to keep these down to 1 megabyte or less.

Check your info for accuracy about 20 times 'until it shines in the sun!' Now send it to everybody on this list. (If it says 'personalize', it means writing the actual person's name on the e-mail.):

Folk Music DJ's for "radio announcements"- otherwise know as PSA's (Public Service Announcements). This list is mainly concerned with folk or acoustic music. It makes sense to send the release to the ones that serve the area of the concert. All DJ's etc.

Give the gift of intelligence.
If you have S.F. Peninsula publicity contacts that you would like to add to this, then I and all the people of this land will thank you for your good will, and for your appreciation of the fact that a strong local scene is good for all performers.

Inform us if any of this information is inaccurate, or unwanted, or if you want to be taken off or added to this Bay Area promotional roster.

This isn't just a dead list on the web, I actually use and update this.


Derk Richardson (KPFA - Pacifica)
JoAnn Mar (KALW - San Fran.)
Peter Schwartz (KUSP - Santa Cruz)
Kevin Vance (KALW - San Fran.)
Greg Scharpen (KALX - Berkeley)
Louis Medina (KPFA - Pacifica)
Bonnie Simmons (KPFA - Pacifica)
Robbie Osman (KPFA - Pacifica)
Bruce Ross (KZSU - Stanford)
Ryan Schmidt (KSCU - Santa Clara)
Rachel Goodman (KUSP - Santa Cruz)

Internet Calendars ("Input Screens").
Input your information into these screens.
Take it slow and careful. . . Accuracy Is King. (use IE browser) (currently offline) (won't work on my machine on any browser...humbug...)
The Wave Magazine (they make you register) (i dont get this)

Other Folk Media Contacts (Personalized the PSA)

Harry Osibin Green Hour: KITS FM - SF
Bill Picture - SF Examiner Calendar
Paul Bourbin - Bay Area Folk Dance
Margo Crabtree - Calendar Editor - SF Arts
Jim Scarff - SF Celtic Music Website
Don Tillman - Bay Area Progressive Events

Other places to send a press release
Remeber to checked your info for accuracy.

Set 1: (I broke these into parts because
my email was not liking so many at once. -kf)

Print Media and Web. part A.,,,,,,,,,

Print Media and Web. part B.,,,,,,,

Sf Chronical (plus "Pink" and SF Gate) have their own catagorical method.

Theater Mania has something interesting going

Set 2: Radio and TV.,,,,,,,,,,,,

Bay Area TV Stations

Address releases to the "Assignment Editor"

KGO-TV, Ch 7 (ABC)
900 Front St.
SF, CA 94111
(415) 954-7777

KNTV, NBC-11, Ch 11 (NBC)
645 Park Ave.
San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 286-1111

855 Battery St.
SF, CA 94103
(415) 362-5550

2601 Mariposa St.
SF, CA94110
(415) 553-2110

KRON-TV, Ch 4 (Indep.)
1001 Van Ness Ave.
SF, CA 94109
(415) 441-4444

KTVU Ch 2 (Fox)
2 Jack London Square
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 834-1212

KKUP Radio wants normal mail
KKUP Radio in Cupertino would prefer that public service announcements for airplay be sent to this address:

KKUP 91.5 FM
P.O. Box 820
Cupertino, CA 95015
Attention: PSA.

If you would like to submit music to the station for airplay, send it to:

KKUP 91.5 FM
P.O. Box 820
Cupertino, CA 95015
Attention: Music Director

For quicker results, specify the "Genre of Music" on package or on written ads.

Here's a helpful site:

Venue Promotional Mailing list - The venues you perform at usually have a mailing list, and usually like to pass on your announcements. As a courtesy you should place yourself on their mailing list as well.

Here's something, found on the web that counts the number of characters in a paragraph. You may need one.

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If you want to be added to or taken off this page, email.


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